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i00 Affiliate Program

Easy to start with, big potential

You can start quickly and easily just by introducing us to a friend or someone you know. Some of our affiliates got started with a simple 5-minute introduction. Just help us to start the relationship.

You may also want to learn how we calculate your fees, and how you can earn more depending on your level of involvement.

Our affiliate program guarantees you at least 30% commission from the deals we close with clients you introduce us to.

Simple Introduction
Help Architect The Deal
Up to 40%
Do Some Extra Work
Calculated based on your work
Become a Full-Time Sales Expert
Fixed salary & sales percentage

30% Commission

You can join our affiliate program in just 5 minutes

Levels of Involvement


This is the fastest and easiest way to participate. Just register your name and your client’s information, and we will contact you.


You may have some helpful skills that will increase the chances of closing the deal. Then it’s possible to earn more commission with i00.


Do you have more than 2 clients? Are you an agency or CMO? Then let’s talk about a long-term relationship with more benefits. 🤝

Are you a CMO? Have you got more than 2 clients?

In this case, contact us and let’s talk more about it.

Join i00 as full-time sales expert

Joining i00 as a full-time sales expert means more than meets the eye. We’re trying to provide the best working environment from your own perspective, so you can get the most experience from the job, and not at the expense of your happiness.

You can work from any place in the world, without the need to come to the office. You’ll receive mandatory training to improve your performance at least every two months, and you’ll have a flood of clients to work with. Upon submitting your application below, you can learn all about the benefits and requirements.