meet the team

Our team gets its creativity by cultural diversity, professionalism by experience, and vision by discipline. Unique content, creative videos, engaging texts, fast & secure web page; all by the team.


Muhammed Al Attar

Muhammed is obsessed about digital marketing. He knew how to create eye-catching ads, optimize websites for search engines, and engage audiences on social media. Thanks to his expertise, he helped numerous companies grow their online presence and increase their revenue.


Mohamad Dandashy

Mohamad is a hardworking web developer who found relaxation in the kitchen. When he isn’t working, he could be found cooking up a storm, experimenting with new recipes and techniques. Other team members often enjoyed the fruits of his labor, and he always brought in homemade treats for the office.


Oussama Al Boukhari

OBK is a successful problem solver who also have a deep love for the English Premier League. He followed every game, and his office desk was always adorned with his favorite team’s colors. His passion for sales and soccer often intertwined, as he found ways to incorporate his knowledge of the sport into his pitches.


Lina Alattar

After taking time off to raise her children, Lina joined a new company in search of a fresh start. Although she was nervous at first, her hard work and dedication quickly made her a valuable asset to the team. With each day, Lina gained confidence in her abilities and found her place in the company.

Account Manager

Tugay Parçaoğlu

Tugay integrated his past experience with content creation into other tools in digital marketing. Coming up with digital marketing solutions for his clients quickly became a matter of fun for him. With his tenacity and dedication, he quickly became a valuable member of the team.


Göktuğ Yaman

Our Göktuğ likes night walks in the city, visiting modern art museums, and designing of course! Göktuğ has years of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and Figma. His User Interface (UI) design is crucial for us and for our clients because it has the power to expand your clientele.