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The media buying service offered by i00 includes finding the best venues, times and schedules to run ads in order to optimize their impact on specific target markets. To achieve the lowest cost per action, the goal is to obtain placements on channels most relevant to a brand’s audience at a time when the majority of the audience is likely to view the ad.

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Buying digital channels like websites, social media, streaming services, and apps, our media buying service also covers buying conventional media like television, radio, print, and outdoor ads.

The goal of media planning is to create the best media strategy, whereas the goal of media buying is to obtain the best terms and pricing. With i00, you don t need to do both because we develop the best media strategy for you based on your business.

A campaign’s success can be impacted by well chosen media purchases. It is not sufficient to have eye-catching copy and images. To reach the correct audiences, advertisements must be put in the appropriate locations and at the appropriate times and frequencies. They are available for purchase through a number of media, with conventional and digital media collaborating.

What makes i00’s media buying services the best?

Quality Evaluation

Every work done by i00 goes through quality evaluation, which leads to a better optimized ad. The cost of your advertisement decreases in direct proportion to how well it is optimized.

Affordability & Effectiveness

i00’s wise market presence will get you the best offer with a friendly budget.

Precisely Reaching Out to Target Audiences

After carefully analyzing your business, we help you appear on the scene at the right time and place.

Meeting Your Competitors on An Equal Footing

The best way to compete with your competitors is to increase your brand visibility and you can reach that goal by i00’s professional media buying service.

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