Chapter 1: Where the passion comes from

 “Marketing is a science.” Whether you agree with this statement or you think marketing comes naturally, we at i00 simply think “Marketing is Everything.” No exaggeration.😏

Do you really think that businesses can survive in today’s world without any marketing? The most important feature of today’s professional world, for any size business, is the intense competition within any industry. The beauty of today’s world, though, is the need for commitment to a certain level of quality, which is only good news for the customers. 


Now, you can individually rate any business in the world, and express your opinions and experience. Think about restaurants, taxis or apps, and how rating affects their businesses directly.
The ongoing social and professional revolution fueled by the internet has given people the freedom to work from wherever they feel most comfortable. From home, their car, a café – it doesn’t really matter! What matters is having a high level of commitment and making sure we do what we’re supposed to do when we’re supposed to do it, with maximum possible quality.
This revolution inspired i00 to take off as a marketing corporate, working with experts from all over the world, bringing diversity to i00’s company culture. We love the impact of these various cultures on our working climate. Our customers also feel the power of i00’s diversity across our products and services. Diversity is a foundational pillar of i00’s working culture.
We always try to work with the best people, wherever they’re located. Thus, our culture is thriving with a multitude of perspectives and skills. You won’t believe how many incredibly creative ideas we work on every day, thanks to diversity!

Chapter 2: Why i00

Have you ever before come across a marketing corporate that can evaluate your business online and find you the best opportunities to grow, based on real data, without even accessing your accounts?

In other words, we can provide a massive amount of data about any business in the world, that even the business owner themselves can’t get ahold of easily. This also means you can ask for all the data about your competitors, and get fresh and
juicy intel anytime you like. Why?

Because it will give you better insight about your business situation and possible opportunities.
Do you think that data about your business and competitors is as essential as water? We think so, too.

Chapter 3: What is i00

We’re a data driven marketing corporate, and we love to get our job done quickly and efficiently. We’re really happy to help and educate our clients worldwide, providing a one stop shop for all marketing services. Any business or client can get everything they may need from i00 with a customized plan. 

Chapter 4: i00 goals

To put it simply, we want to connect the right customer with the right product at the right time. We’re just trying to enhance the consumer’s experience with the best products in the market.

Chapter 5: What you can expect from i00

You’ll see a clear and tangible effect on sales, as unmistakable as the sun’s effect on the weather. 😎

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