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Zoho CRM enables you to meet your client’s needs, manage accounts and workflow and always stay up to date with your business deals, payments, and reports so that you can always be one step ahead of your competitors.

What does Zoho CRM system offer?

With Zoho CRM software, i00 helps its clients to move their business faster and more regularly, while also saving them time.

With SFA, Zoho Sales CRM automates and customizes your sales, marketing, and other routine functions and thus creates more time to focus on valuable work for your customers. You can create specified workflows to reduce time spent on manual data entry.

Zoho CRM captures leads, automates lead scoring, identifies high-converting prospects, and provides full contact information with Zoho the best CRM software. Your team can see where they are and where they are going easily with i00. You can also check each sale step your team is working on.

Communicate with consumers and prospects in real-time, learn their behavior, ana analyze data. All in Zoho Social App. Receive notifications whenever someone interacts with your brand on social media. i00 will keep you on track with Zoho Social.

Zoho Analytics

The more your company expands, the more information you will require. With Zoho Analytics reporting, analytics, and predictions, Zoho tracks the performance of every sales activity and breaks down quotas into manageable objectives for you.

Zoho CRM

Analytics & Reports

Marketing Platform Integration
Marketing automation

Visitor Tracking

AI Zia Suggestions

Inventory Management

Social Media Management

Sales IQ


Four Reasons You Should Use Zoho CRM Management

A customer relationship management system can rank, analyze and prioritize your sales leads, allowing your sales team to focus on potentially closing opportunities and provide accurate answers to customers quickly and efficiently while ensuring your customer service team has the information they need.

Sales Funnel

Sales CRM solutions for businesses enable you to import and consolidate all your customer data into a single, centralized area and Zoho gets the best of it, allowing customers to save time.

Zoho Analytics

This allows you to track whatever you desire. You have the option of viewing sales prediction reports, new leads, conversions, or demographics. i00 assures the best service with Zoho CRM systems frequently.


Zoho CRM system will include marketing automation as well as the ability to track campaigns. You can let i00 improve your process.

Customer Service

Zoho CRM tool stores all the information about your customers and makes it easy to access them when needed. i00 uses CRM to provide faster and more accurate service.

Dose Medical Group
Dose Medical Group
مرحبا نحن من أحد الشركات يلي بتعمل مع İ00 وبكل صراحة وشفافية ومصداقية, فعلا وجدنا الحرفية و الخبرة الطويلة وأهم شي المصداقية في التعامل معهم. طاقم كامل محترف الخدمات يتم تنفيذها بسرعة و متابعة يومية بشكل مستمر لمسار العمل من قبلهم مع زيارات اسبوعية لمكتبنا لمعرفة كيفية سير العمل. ننصح فعلا كل من يعاني من مشاكل في قسم التسويق والإعلان التعاقد معهم مباشرة وحتى الأسعار مدروسة جدا ومنافسة. نشكر كل القائمين على هذه الشركة وخاصة السيد محمد ونرجوا لهم مزيد من التقدم والنجاح. We are from one of the companies that work with İ00, and to be honest, we have found professionalism, extensive experience, and above all, credibility in dealing with them. Their full team provides services efficiently, with continuous daily follow-up on the progress of the work, including weekly visits to our office to assess the workflow. We highly recommend anyone facing challenges in marketing and advertising to directly contract with them, as their prices are very well-calculated and competitive. We extend our gratitude to all those involved in this company, especially Mr. Mohammed, and we wish them continued progress and success.
Ahmad Alerksousi
Ahmad Alerksousi
I got what i want, highly recommend
jacob Grabowski
jacob Grabowski
Was recommended him to assist with my physical therapy business. Very professional and timely.
Brendan Reiss
Brendan Reiss
Excellent marketers! I learned a ton, and now I don't have to worry about ads or generating leads.
Dennis Reiss
Dennis Reiss
i00 created our business website. The team here did a fantastic job at designing our site, and they walked us through the process well. They did a lot better than I could have done on my own using a website builder. I highly recommend their services. Thank you i00!
mohamad dandashy
mohamad dandashy
It's my home so if there's 10 stars would be better. The team are super heroes and much much appreciation for the leader Mohamed Al-Attar.
Zeina Alkattan
Zeina Alkattan
Great services
Mohamad Al Murabet
Mohamad Al Murabet
They are a profissional and creative company

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