Google Marketing Platform

As i00, it is our mission to provide the best services to our customers and to grow their business. For this, we use one of the most professional tools, GMP.

Which Services are Included

GMP Tools and Services for your business to grow
for optimum growth: GMP provides multiple efficient tools and i00 uses them the best way to grow your business

Campaign Manager 360

Display & Video 360

Search Ads 360

Analytics 360

Why You Need GMP?

Google Marketing Platform has everything a big and organized company needs. Google Marketing Platform promotes cooperation at all levels. The eight components of Google Marketing Platform are all important on their own, but they function much better together, like a cherry on top.

GMP promotes collaboration among marketers, creatives, managers, and clients. Google Marketing Platform confirms what has always been truly the case: analytics and advertising are inextricably intertwined, and i00 benefits from it the most efficient way to provide our clients the best.

Expand Your Market

The platform, according to Google, is “a single advertising and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better outcomes.”

Data Expertise

The audience and conversion data gathered by pixels called Floodlights and shared throughout platforms is what makes Google Marketing Platform so powerful.

Right product for right people

Google Marketing Platform products help businesses that produce and sell online advertising opportunities to manage their inventory and serve ads.

Reach the right audience

i00 is using Google Marketing Platform to instantly get vital information from all of their products, allowing our clients to better understand their audience.

Fast and efficient

It is easy to exchange data across teams thanks to Google Marketing Platform's increased collaboration system.

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