i00's Marketing successful stories So Far…

27th of April, i00 was founded.

Circinus Galaxy

The Circinus Galaxy. This was the scene we saw in our galaxy when i00 was found on April 4th.
Resembling a swirling witch’s cauldron of glowing vapors, the black-hole-powered core of the Circinus galaxy appears in this image. Much of the gas in the spiral galaxy’s disk is concentrated in two rings.

Circinus, IRAS 14092-6506

NASA, (2000, 30 November), 07:00,

The real world just isn’t enough

i00 gets its inspiration from space, music, and movies.Because we believe the digital world is a complementary world. It is no coincidence that we saw the Circinus galaxy in the sky on the day i00 was founded. Because, like other companies and brands, i00 is also an element of the galaxy in the digital world space, and i00 makes these other elements shine even more in the galaxy. Our creative vision represents our distinct perspective on the world.

What we have seen in the digital world is the communication gap between companies and their audiences on the internet. If your customer searches for you and cannot find you, they can quickly procure the same product/service from someone else. Since we live fast in the internet age, this situation is inevitable, so if you wait for your customers to find you, you will wait forever. Solving this problem has become i00’s motivation. Since the day i00 was founded, we followed our belief in the power of the digital world, further expanding the possibilities of its capabilities. We’ve gathered much experience in solving this problem and now we want to share this experience with the market with friendly prices. i00 gets its energy from its clients’ happiness with successful marketing campaigns.

Smart Marketing Success – that’s what i00 is all about

We devote our efforts to finding keys to marketing success and connecting businesses with their customers and telling their stories. We cultivate genuine relationships with our clients by providing individualized services and one-of-a-kind experiences. In our creativity, we are infinite and uncompromising. Through the Green Engine, a professional and one-of-a-kind successful content producer, i00 transcends the laws of digital space and time by crafting a successful marketing strategy. With combining all digital marketing tasks and projects into one organization, i00 redefines the world of digital marketing with a strong act of creation with limitless possibilities. 

With i00’s digital marketing success in the business world, our clients' sales force has grown up to 56%.

We create digital marketing success stories by working smart and fast

i00 works with the most professional and modern tools such as Google Ads so that our clients can reach marketing success by targeting the best audience they want and get the best out of it. i00 helped many clients who could not reach their desired audience, to tell their stories correctly, and stand more in the digital world. As a result of the right platform analysis, audience research, and creative designs, we saw an increase in the sales of our clients and this increase was not only from their local market but also spread to an international audience.

Many of our clients have also noticed that the best part of working with i00 is that they not only spread to an international audience and increase their brand visibility, they also have started to sustain a better online presence in their website and social media.


The i00 world is a culturally influenced and curated experimental laboratory. It’s your tale to tell, and i00 takes you on a personal journey, empowering you to transcend.

Brands and businesses who work with i00 get the most out of digital marketing and begin to be known in a sustainable way in the digital world, allowing them to grow. A successful digital marketing strategy helps to build successful social media campaigns. Moving forward and moving for the better, we will continue to create every unique expression of imagination.