Email campaign, an easy way to grow your business

Email advertising is a sort of marketing that involves sending customized emails to your email list to educate your customers about your product or service. It may also be used to persuade your email list to do something particular, such as make a purchase, schedule a demo, sign up for a trial, or register for an event. Marketers use this type of advertising after getting the consent from prospective customers by providing them the choice to opt-in before sending emails.

Advantages of email advertising

  • Cost-effective and fast
  • Reach your targeted audience
  • Email lists are opted-in
  • Email converts better

Future of email marketing service

Despite the explosive rise of SEO, social media, and mobile marketing. Email marketing platform remains one of the most successful marketing techniques. In 2017, 3.7 billion worldwide email users sent and received 269 billion emails every day, according to Statista. By 2022, the amount is predicted to rise to 4.3 billion, implying that over half of the world’s population will be using email. As email usage continues to rise, good email marketing strategy will provide more business chances.

Main Features

  • Accurate and personal
  • Fully automated
  • Build a loyal audience
  • Very much cheap
  • Good ROI
  • Easy to measure

How does it feel like:

  • Products are flying
  • We need to hire more people
  • We’re also improving in SEO
  • CRM is running faster
  • Sales people are closing more