i00 is a comprehensive company in the field of digital marketing services, with extensive knowledge and experience. It’s enjoyable to work with them if you want to improve and enhance both paid and organic website traffic, as well as your social media accounts. Have a look at ‘Stargazer’ offer below, which we have designed to suit your marketing company’s needs.

Firstly, always-free services:

Setting up and linking marketing platforms.

Lifetime free marketing consultations.

Advertising image creation.

1-We will provide you with a marketing plan based on the latest technologies from Google and other platforms. We will develop the plan based on the best alignment between the client’s objectives and budget.

2-Daily monitoring of campaign performance to identify and report problems or opportunities as quickly as possible.

3-Advertising networks included in the offer are: Google Ads, YouTube, Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn.

4-Continuous communication with the client, with a response time within two hours at most via phone or WhatsApp.

5-Proposing new markets or discontinuing current markets.

6-The offer also includes designing ad images for Google and Meta.

7-The offer does not include the budget amounts paid to Google, Meta, and other marketing platforms.

8-Establishing and setting up the infrastructure for tracking visitors and improving campaign performance. This includes connecting all the company’s online assets in one place (website, Facebook page, Google ads…).

Design and implement specific strategies for social media platforms; the objectives of these strategies are to grow social media pages organically, without advertisements or purchasing fake followers. The service includes the following:

1- Pre-schedule posts in collaboration with the client’s team.

2- Produce posts at least five days before the scheduled publishing time.

3- Link posts to the client’s marketing concept and goal.

4- Provide a quick response to urgent posts on the same day (events, news, etc.).

5- The option to expand to other inactive platforms at the same price.

6- Included platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Threads, TikTok, X, LinkedIn.

Publishing Policy:

1- 21 posts distributed across 20 images and one video are created from existing content.

2- All posts and videos are produced according to two basic standards: story size and regular post size.

3- Social media management does not include responding to direct messages.

4- Providing images for the Call Center regularly for WhatsApp cases or profile pictures.

1- We will design a unique website that reflects the values and personality of your company, with the ability to add unique features and functionalities specific to your business. The design will be clear and provide a user-friendly browsing and interaction experience with the company.

2- The underlying system for building the website will be WordPress.

3- The initial design of the website will be delivered within 3-4 days of the first payment date, and based on client confirmation, we will proceed with follow-up and modifications (if necessary).

4- On average, website delivery takes between 3 to 4 weeks, but the duration may vary depending on the size of the website.

5- Free maintenance for a period of 3 months includes fixing website programming and design issues upon delivery. Any additional services beyond maintenance may incur additional fees.

Website maintenance includes, but is not limited to, error correction, changing page indexes, removing pages or content from the website, changing contact information or social media links, and integrating the website with payment and/or shipping gateways. It does not include adding new content, articles, or designs.

6- A fast-loading website that takes no more than one second to load.

7- Compatible with all devices on planet Earth.

8- The offer includes a website with four main pages and four subpages. Additional fees apply for each uniquely designed subpage.

9- The website supports three languages, with the possibility of expanding to additional languages.

You can also view our previous websites by clicking here.


The price for designing and developing the website does not include additional components or special tools that the client may request. It also does not include hosting or the domain of the website.

The price does not include the writing of the website’s textual content. Don’t worry! We can provide the best content for your website for a separate and affordable fee. See the pricing below 👇

Fifth: Writing Text Content:

Writing complete website content in Arabic with the best keywords for a one-time cost of 7,000 Lira.

Writing 5 articles monthly for a cost of 2,500 Lira.

Sixth: Daily Reports and the Customer Dashboard:

1- Building a customer-specific dashboard on our website containing all customer information along with the products produced for them.

2- Providing daily, weekly, and monthly reports on the progress of the work, along with training your team on how to read and interpret these reports, and the possibility of modifying them according to your request.

This is a limited time offer

More necessary services

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

1- An integrated CRM system tailored to your requirements.

2- Comprehensive and easy-to-read reports.

3- Ability to quickly generate custom reports for your needs.

4- Tracking the performance of each sales team member and obtaining daily, weekly, or on-demand performance reports.

5- Integration with the website.

6- Building an email system with customers based on their importance.

7- Free maintenance and modifications for 6 months.

8- Ability to integrate with social media platforms for publishing posts.

9- Ability to integrate with website and social media analytics systems for a broader insight.

Google Marketing Platform:

To achieve maximum success, Google’s marketing platform offers a diverse range of professional tools that i00 utilizes to help your company thrive. Among the key features of the platform are:


1-Advanced targeting techniques not available in Google Ads or social media platforms.

2-Limited competition, meaning the ability to target new audiences untouched by competitors.

3-Advertising placements not available in Google Ads and others, such as advertising in roadside billboards, airports, or even exclusive internet locations.

4-The ability to target customers based on their behavior rather than just their interests.

5-The ability to customize an advertising budget to align with the client’s goals and needs.

You will then be contacted about all our products and services through our i00 catalog, or enable you to download a PDF version.