Creating a Facebook account opens the doors of a new world. Users come across with infinite number of contents. Today, nearly 3 billion accounts are in Facebook and an overwhelming percentage of users spend more than half an hour daily. Undoubtedly, Facebook has a great impact on many people. People can make contents, spread their feelings and ideas in this platform. Therefore, their spending habits may be shaped in this platform. So, why don’t your company be a part of this world?

In marketing world, Facebook has a steady place.
Facebook is the easiest way to get your future customers.
You can introduce yourselves to your potential clients in Facebook in some ways but the most efficient way is to use Facebook ads. Facebook ads consist of paid posts and stories that companies use to promote their products and increase their visibility. In the effective use of Facebook, companies’ recognization will increase.
Advertisers can create ads with specific goals. Facebook has a huge population. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to determine your target audience in the most effective way. According to demography, location or interests, Facebook gives opportunity to determine you target audience. Facebook ads use AI to optimize targeting. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes a lot of data and creates AI-based advertising solutions that are compatible for you.

Most importantly for companies, Facebook advertising helps increase company recognition. Facebook advertising used to increase site traffic, and even click-through rate (CTR). You can check the impression of your customers. So, Facebook is a unique place to accelerate your business. i00 can prepare your marketing strategy in Facebook, So you don’t need to bother yourselves. Just trust i00’s high performance and enjoy your lifted sales.

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