Salah's story

Salah had been running his small business for a while and had been using social media to promote it. However, he realized that it wasn’t enough when his Instagram was blocked without a warning. He needed something more substantial to showcase his products and services. That’s when he decided to create a website for his business with the help of a digital marketing agency.

i00 agency worked closely with Salah to understand his vision and created a stunning website that perfectly reflected his business. The website was not only visually appealing, but it was also user-friendly and easy to navigate. It had all the necessary information about his products and services, including prices and images.

Salah was delighted because he & i00 managed to build Salah’s artistic ideas within the website. Salah wanted to make sure that his website is effective, so he immediately started promoting it through his social media channels. He also invested in some digital ads to drive traffic to the website. To his surprise, the website started receiving a lot of traffic and generating leads.


Salah realized that having a website was far better than relying solely on social media presence. A website is a more professional and trustworthy platform to showcase a business, and it can offer more features and functionality than social media.

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