Snapchat is basically a social network that offers the opportunity to message with photos. Snapchat has become popular among young people in a short time since its release. Snapchat is used by 75% of Gen Z and millennials. According to current data, more than 300 million people use this application for more than half an hour every day (Snapchat Inc, 2020 Q4, Connect with Young Customers on Snapchat, As Snapchat, which is used especially by the Z generation, started to become more popular with each passing day, brands started to develop Snapchat-oriented strategies.


This application, where interaction is intense and most of the content is created by people, contains many opportunities for companies. Using Snapchat’s popularity and ability to engage with large audiences, brands can find new and younger markets for theirselves. One of the outstanding features of i00 is its effective use of Snapchat ads. Thanks to i00, you will be able to highlight the unique aspects of your brand. People will interact more with your brand’s use of Snapchat. The more they engage, the more likely they will be to buy. i00 can make your content stand out by adding music and polls to Snaps. At the same time, your followers can reply to you and interact with you directly. Beyond that, i00 can show your followers that your brand catches new trends and that you are an up-to-date company. It can especially connect Z generation and millennials to your brand.


The worldwide purchasing power of Snapchat users is $4.4 trillion, and hundreds of millions of people spend time on the Snapchat app every day. i00 gives you the opportunity to grow your brand by seizing these opportunities in the world of Snapchat.

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