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Brave Digital World – A Digital Marketing Company Booklet

Let’s start with a small quotation from our story:

“Now, you can individually rate any business in the world, and express your opinions and experience. Think about restaurants, taxis, or apps, and how rating affects their businesses directly.

The ongoing social and professional revolution fueled by the internet has given people the freedom to work from wherever they feel most comfortable. From home, their car, a café – it doesn’t really matter! What matters is having a high level of commitment and making sure we do what we’re supposed to do when we’re supposed to do it, with the maximum possible “quality.

Isn’t this brave enough? 😎

Let’s go!

Why do we say “Brave Digital World

Customers and clients are now empowered like never before in history.

The story is simple! It begins with the vastness of the space, and particularly from the viewable universe. Where there are billions of galaxies, stars, and planets which accelerate away from the observable universe towards the unobservable universe. We might not have discovered other life in this vast universe, but we – at i00 – believe that infinite stories are happening there. For example, according to Astrophysics and Human Physics, life and death patterns are similar between our beautiful blue planet creatures and the rest of the universe’s elements. All of them are subject to life, death, evolution, and more laws.

We can see the space as an infinite area where all the possibilities become reality, and on massive scale. Can you imagine a volcano of ice? A solar system with two stars? An Earth-like planet but four times bigger?

Shareable content is everything you should care about when creating social media content for your company 😎 For example: Isn't this a super cute snake?

The best digital marketing service feed on creativity, and it requires a wider vision to serve any business or organization. Creativity itself might be the most essential element in nature here on Earth, and to the rest of the universe which we try to analyze with our ever-modest capabilities. 😏

We find inspiration for our work in the story of a female whale migrating with her calf on an epic journey that spans half the world’s oceans. We find inspiration in sunlight’s story, which takes more than a million years to form from molecules and atoms. We also find inspiration in the discovery of traces of an ancient royal library. How can you imagine the sound of a black hole in space?

Also, we’re trying our best to reduce our carbon footprint, because we support activities related to fight global warming and we invite you to do so.

Meet our Global Partners:

Google Ads Partner:

We’ve earned -and maintain- the Google Ads Partner title, after over 9 years of experience in managing and optimizing big ad campaigns estimated at $3.5M for the last 12 months to date. Also, Google back us up with updates and resources to optimize our clients’ performance.

Meta Business Partners:

We gained the trust of Meta Corporation, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, by applying the best optimization practices for our clients in their successful social media marketing and providing the best possible results (leads, sales) prices for their budgets. You can go to our official page in the Meta Partners section by clicking here.

Zoho Authorized Partner:

The best tool to analyze your company performance, through a big set of apps that we can build an inter system out of, just to make your report reading and analyzing experience at ease. We can help you get a discount when you register with Zoho with building and maintaining your CRM system, and exclusively CRM integration with all advertising platforms at deeper level.

Google Marketing Platform:

Plan, execute, and optimize ad campaigns on reserved or programmatic networks via Google Marketing Platform, which is differ from Google Ads with targeting techniques and reserving impressions up-front. GMP is considered powerful when it comes to ad placement and showing the audience the ad at the right time. By leveraging the GMP’s AI technology you can reach audiences that are hard to reach via social media advertising or Google PPC Ads.

Green Engine

What’s Green Engine? Why engine? Why green?

Everything that’s related to creating and designing websites, text content, videos and images, is produced within i00’s Green Engine.
In other words, Green Engine is a team of creatives, designers, and editors responsible for your brand’s image consistency and sustainability in front of your audience, by building a unique website and adding the best content to it while managing social media content marketing.
Why engine: Simply put, creativity and art must be able to be produced on a large scale and within the appropriate timeline for the client.
Why green: We work hard on producing our products with the lowest possible carbon footprint! Therefore, all our products must be green and consistent with efforts to combat global warming and global climate change.

Breathe, breathe in the air Don't be afraid to care...

Features of Green Engine Products

We believe that producing content using Green Engine carries five essential features, which have been proven in numbers and through the experiences of our clients:

  1. Unique UX designs:

    We see a lot of memes that mock the client’s relationship with designers, which is based on constant modification by the client to the point of sometimes ruining the design, and of course with peanut amounts paid which is simply not fair. Well, at i00 these memes do not reflect reality, because our clients usually do not request modifications to the design of their sites, or they may request minor and necessary modifications.
  2. Video Generator:

    At Green Engine, we follow as much as possible of new trends in video production from companies, influencers, and ordinary people, and we learn a lot every day! But what we have learned most about social content marketing is that videos produced with minimal capabilities may produce much better results than other videos that cost thousands of dollars. All you need to produce a good video is to focus on the material or topic of the video (it could be a product) and know the target audience. Therefore, Green Engine is a tremendous video generator due to the simplicity of the ingredients needed to produce a good video, and of course the presence of endless creative ideas. This does not negate the need sometimes to produce huge videos with enormous budget.
  3. Quick loading websites:

    Despite the modern designs we do, we always consider the speed of loading sites for visitors, which is the faster the more likely they are to purchase or communicate. Which means more happiness for our clients.
  4. Powered by Humans:

    We always try to use the latest technologies in digital marketing to serve our clients the best. You may think that using the latest technologies in our field means relying exclusively on artificial intelligence tools, but no 😎 In fact, we use artificial intelligence tools in analysis, targeting customers, and in generating reports according to the client’s request. As for content generation, artificial intelligence tools are still in their infancy and do not meet most needs – in our opinion – but we cannot say that we do not use them at all. Certainly, we have taken some adventures with artificial intelligence, but the final product is always subject to human control.
  5. Effective Content:

    Most of our clients work with us to expand their business, which makes us work on producing effective content that capture the attention of the targeted audience, so our client benefits the most. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care about artistic aspects of the content, but also the effectiveness of the content must comply with the client’s budgets and their company’s PR image.

Add all of this to your thoughts when you want to deal with a digital marketing company or if you just want to learn the basics.

How do we see AI?

We believe that artificial intelligence is still an adventure in its infancy, but it is very expected – in our opinion – to be successful and effective in the future. Therefore, as an internet marketing agency, we go through this adventure daily and try to discover patterns that may help us improve and develop our work. We are also working on some simple codes, which we will tell you about at the appropriate time later. For example: Chat GPT cannot be considered a content generation tool at all, nor can it be considered a sole source of information. You can think of it as a friend – a non-expert – whom you called to ask if it knew anything about your query. Also, regarding social media management, it is clear that relying on artificial intelligence images only will leave your audience suffering from a deep feeling of frustration when they experience your content, and you can be certain that the audience will not understand the marketing message that you are trying to deliver to them.

Google ads is still getting updated every now and then. Therefore, clients’ results are getting better despite the big competition.

But! AI in Google Ads is a complete piece of engineering on which an entire business model can be built. Artificial Intelligence in Zoho CRM (lead management) is the most powerful driver in software development and improvement.

In general, rest assured that artificial intelligence will not be able to steal your jobs in the long term because the number of job vacancies is increasing, not the unemployment rate. By job vacancies, we mean the vacancies that companies have not yet found the qualifications to fill.

Influencer Marketing, should we trust influencers?

There’s no one answer to this question; however, you may conduct small research on Google on the brand that your favorite influencer is advertising for and learn about the product quality.

This also does not mean that we should not trust influencers or try not to be an influencer ourselves 😏 And we have some positive information for all current and future influencers… you can grow your followers base as much as you want! The problem of some influencers is freezing at a certain number of followers, which is an obstacle to growth. You find them insisting on liking or subscribing, telling followers that this is necessary for their continuity. The truth is that there are other ways and strategies to grow such as: paid online advertising and collaborate with other influencers.

Most influencers of all sizes think that running advertising campaigns could harm their reputation and is not good for them. But there are other influencers that we work with who have used paid advertising to develop their reputation and spread their name to new audiences, at an amazing speed 🚀

Planned collaboration with other influencers: In which you should be known to at least some professional agencies or have a good network of relationships with other influencers and cooperate with them on an ongoing basis, regardless of the social media they use.

From the point of view of our clients, the role of Instagram influencer marketing in successful social media marketing is significant and is an integral part of their marketing campaigns for two main reasons:

  1. We study and analyze the influencer’s audience.
  2. The effects of the ad remain for a long time and not for 3 days as most people think. The long-term effects that an advertisement with a movie star may last for years, and they are much more precious than the immediate effects that end quickly and are only a boost to sales.

Long-term Relationship

Speaking of long-term effects, we would like to talk to you about a topic that interests us a lot regarding the foundations of our work: long-term relationships with clients and employees alike to improve i00’s digital marketing services.

As a healthy practice at work on a daily or annual basis, long-term relationships can lead to positive results that are not only more than expected but may be on a whole new level. Have you ever heard of a fruitful marriage that lasted only one year? Or about a great product that made sales for a company that lasted only nine months?

All marketing scientists acknowledge the necessity of advertising over a period of more than two or three years so that the brand can build a consistent and well-established mental image in the minds of the target audience. Businesses should look at marketing as a practice rather than a quick profit tool.

Don’t you want to achieve more sales with the same marketing budget? If the answer is yes, then you are answering the main reason for i00’s existence and why we founded it. We always aspire to improve our clients’ results as much as possible. But despite all the necessary technical requirements, improving results cannot be achieved in a short period. Improving results does not mean that the cost to a new customer is very low compared to competitors, but rather it means that when customers decide to buy what you offer in a crowded and unorganized market, they may choose your company directly without paid advertising because of the marketing message you have built over the years.

If someone convinces you that he can rescue your company from declining sales in just two months, then you should start looking for another digital marketing company. Social media advertising looks like they have quick results, but they lack continuity in performance, and you may already know that. But why? Because marketing requires a lot of money and patience. Hence, long-term relationships are a win-win solution for all parties.

What is Marketing in Reality?

Is this Egyptian wall beautiful enough for you? You'll love our Google Ads services, as your campaigns will be optimized regularly, and the cutting-edge Google AI technology

Based on what we studied at university and on our long experience with marketing, we see a part, element, or tool of marketing in most of what humans produce. Therefore, our job is to organize and harness these elements or tools in a direction that is beneficial to the client. Most businesses now have an online presence in one way or another, so they practice digital marketing on a very simple level that can sometimes be chaotic. Our biggest mission is to unify all marketing efforts under one roof, with one vision, and with more than satisfactory results.

If we want to take i00 as an example, as a company that works in digital and social media marketing services, we can consolidate its image with the target audience through several advertisements that carry a clear idea or direction that i00 is one of the following:

  1. An essential element in the company’s life.
  2. Astronauts put your company name among the stars.
  3. Just a big bag of money 🫥

All of this and more is determined through the vision, precisely identifying the audience, reviewing reports on a regular basis, and developing according to the audience’s preferences.

Some of the solutions and success stories that made our clients trust us through building solid partnerships and long-term relationships.

Solutions and success stories

Famous Influencer

Being a famous influencer with numbers and known as an opinion leader for a large group of people means you have a super ability to sell any product. But for us, the challenge is big with marketing because usually this influencer’s goals are high and need a lot of work. We’re not complaining about that 😏 on the contrary! It is a huge challenge, and we are happy that the influencer is happy to achieve his goals.

A resilient company that relies entirely on us

About 3 years ago, we helped our friends start with limited capabilities with highly targeted advertising campaigns on Google Ads Search, Facebook, and Instagram only, to obtain to generate leads at the lowest possible cost, and we succeeded! This was a different kind of challenge, unlike the previous one. Here the possibilities are limited, and all the marketing budget is directed towards advertisements only. The marketing budget usually includes content costs, social media management, search engine optimization costs (SEO), and other stuff. After three years, the value of the budget on the Google Ads search was quadrupled, with a good portion allocated to other necessary marketing activities.

Although the main source of leads is still pay per click ads, we are very happy to help our educational consultants friends to grow rapidly.

Shift Marketing Strategy Towards Google

A large medical group in Istanbul trusted us to help them enter the world of Google Ads search with the best possible performance for a wide range of cosmetic medical services such as dental implants and hair transplants. Indeed, within a period of approximately two months, we were able to completely transfer the advertising budget to Google PPC ads model, with different types of campaigns and targeting techniques. The best success criterion for us is that the advertising budget is increasing, and the client feels satisfied for the first time with the results and is happy to work with an official Google Ads Partner.

Experiencing the frustration of low-quality leads from your Facebook ads? You're not alone. It's time to change and elevate your lead generation strategy. Discover proven strategies to attract leads that matter and achieve higher conversion rates. Let's transform your Facebook ad campaigns into a powerhouse for quality lead acquisition. 🚀🎯

A Fish Competing with Whales

In the summer of 2022, an old friend told us that he was struggling with the results of ads run by someone from somewhere, and that he needed emergency help from a Google Ads keyword expert with a small advertising budget. Of course, we accepted the challenge 😎 The number of hair transplant operations began to increase steadily, and we began to enter new markets. Until the devastating and unprecedented earthquake in Turkey and Syria occurred in February 2023, which caused hundreds of deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Also, the devastating earthquake cast a strong shadow on the Turkish market, and our friend was forced to stop paid online advertising completely, and this means losing most of the ongoing optimization made. But recently, we activated Google Ads search with the hope of quickly recovering from the previous problems.

Local Restaurant with Long Queue

The best Falafel restaurant in Istanbul was suffering from a sharp drop in sales during the holy month of Ramadan during fasting time. The restaurant owner called us and asked us for a solution, and the answer was simple and effective too! A Facebook advertising campaign with a small budget targeting people around the restaurant. The Moalim contacted us and asked to stop the campaign after a while because customers were lining up in queue every day before Iftar to buy Falafel. Mission accomplished successfully 😴

Our Products and Service 

In the third section of the booklet, we will pitch our products without a long explanation.

Firstly, where can you find everything about the i00 in one place? We have condensed all our products, articles, and works into one page which we call i00 catalog. We have reflected the structure of our huge website to the structure of the catalog to present the most accurate and best image of a digital marketing company and so that our clients do not feel confused while browsing. We also update the catalog periodically and provide a PDF version for free download in Arabic, English and Turkish.

The best way to benefit from the i00 catalog is to browse slowly and avoid trying to see as much information as possible at once. Download a PDF file or visit the page more than once. Tell us what you think of the catalog.

Stories from Earth 🌍

Many marketing agencies call them portfolios, but we call them Stories from Earth, which is a name inspired by a 90s heavy metal song. You can find most of our works produced through the Green Engine on Stories from Earth page. See for yourself!

Stories are most of what we produce in the form of content, advertising, or website design, and the result most of the time indicates the prevalence of narrative over formality in communicating with the public. Tell us your business story 💬

Pillars of classifying our digital marketing services:

  1. Create: Websites – social media management – Zoho CRM Agency
  2. Optimize: Online ads – Programmatic ads – SEO – Google Marketing Platform – Social media influencer marketing

First, with Creating and Building

In a nutshell, cheap leads are good for training new salespeople, while the quality leads are good for the whole company ecosystem. Getting more sales with quality leads and fewer sales force is always good for the business.
  1. According to our data, the number of clients who dealt with us for a long time have designed and developed their websites with us. See some of our clients’ websites.
  2. Creating interactive social media content marketing with the aim of expanding the client’s social base through images and video, a pure, high-quality product of Green Engine. Go to Stories from Earth 🌍
  3. Zoho CRM Agency (Customer Relationship Management Program) It is very difficult to build on a previous system that contains a lot of problems, so it is best to start building from the first building block. But most clients are aware of the fact that they work on an old CRM customer service program and know its problems, but they do not trust transferring their information to a new system, or because simply they do not want to renew. But that doesn’t mean marketing is working perfectly.

Second: Optimize

Successful construction is not complete without professional follow-up and development services. Here comes the role of experts, by understanding the client’s marketing budget and goals in delivering the best possible result. The key to long-term relationships is continuous improvement in performance and client comfort in dealing with us. We provide daily consultations and follow-up with shared reports with the client.

We will pitch the most important, common, and demanding performance optimization services by our clients. However, depending on the client’s requests, performance optimization services may extend to other complementary or subsidiary services.

  • Optimizing the performance of ads on search engines and social media platforms, by monitoring performance at least once a day and comparing it to the client’s goals, taking into account current market conditions, competition, and other factors. There are three main outcomes of daily follow-up: 1- Seizing new opportunities for the interest of the client 2- Discover problems fast 3- Stable performance within the current budget.

These three outcomes are not completely separate in the real world, and they may all come together in one client company, or two outcomes could come together. You may find that the American market, for example, is stable for the client, but there is an opportunity in the French market and the rest of the European market needs to solve the problem of advertising images. This step represents the biggest problem when the client deals with it alone because it may take a very complex form, down to the smallest details, which is where our happiness comes from, diving into the details and reports. Optimizing performance represents the essence and reason for our existence among agencies specialized in digital marketing that respect the budgets of its clients and try to provide them with the best results. Anyone can create a social media advertising campaign now, but no one can make it work for a long time with the same performance.

We strongly recommend that you determine your marketing budget and expected results before you start hiring salesforce. With the wrong balance, you might comprise your lead quality, or you might decrease your marketing budget. Either way, it doesn't look healthy for your business.
  • Search and social media advertising are the beginning for any business on planet Earth. As for programmatic advertising, it is considered an advanced step, because it relies on a more complex system that may give targeting privileges that do not necessarily exist on traditional platforms. Such as targeting visitors to a specific website at a specific time, or having your ads serve on Spotify or inside public squares and transportation.

Programmatic ads carry common genes with performance ads in general, but differ from them, just as cats of all kinds differ from each other, but they all remain cats and cannot be seen as wolves, for example.

Also, the presence of agencies that serve programmatic advertising as a professional service is considered rare, and the reason is only the lack of experience. We see programmatic advertising as a great opportunity for our clients and a great complement to what we do on search engines and social media platforms. Indeed, our clients are happy with the results because the audiences of programmatic advertising differ from other platforms in terms of purchasing power, timing of purchase, etc…

  • SEO is the thing that scares clients the most! Just as the black hole at the center of our galaxy terrifies astronauts. But scientists also know that black holes may be the most important element in maintaining the current order in the Milky Way, which in turn ensures the stability of our personal lives. Black holes may be very scary, but they are also very useful.

Search engine optimization, in turn, means free results on search engines, but it is never free from the client’s side. Rather, it may be more expensive than all advertising campaigns combined and requires a long time to give tangible results, which may scare the client from entering an expensive and completely unclear investment. On the other hand, there is another client who was more encouraged and invested in SEO and waited patiently for the results. Then the expected results came, and the client’s business began to grow, as did the social media pages and most importantly… the company’s reputation 😇

We say, SEO is very important and essential for all companies of all sizes and may be the primary source of customers. But to stay at the top you need a lot of work, just like football teams that need to work twice as hard to stay at the top of the standings and win titles.

Take advantage of deep targeting techniques and reach new audiences that your competitor may didn’t reach before. Get to know your audience persona more and offer them the best offer at the best time.
  • Google Marketing Platform: The largest marketing platform for online ads and includes the advantages of performance ads and the advantages of programmatic ads with huge analytics tools. This platform is overlooked by most clients, which means light competition. It includes new audiences that do not exist on social platforms, and most traditional competitors have not yet reached these audiences. We do not mean that the Google Marketing Platform contains people who do not have social accounts, but rather we mean that when the same person is targeted through GMP, she might be at a better stage of purchasing, and the timing of the targeting may be better. On the other hand, Google Marketing Platform provides you with ad placements that are not available on social media. Such as advertising in public squares, inside airports, or even within exclusive mobile apps, and many others.

In fact, it is not possible to limit the types and opportunities of advertising space available on Google marketing platform, but rather the choice is left to the experts within the client’s budget and goals.

Google marketing platform is also distinguished by the types of ads available, which are ad formats that can be designed with effective templates from Google. When using optimal advertising templates, the results may be more than expected.

  • Social media influencer marketing has more benefits and results than the name suggests. The general form is an agreement with a social influencer to publish a story or post for a specific time in which she praises the product and advises her followers to buy it.

In our opinion, this is a good understanding and brings new customers and followers, but it is also superficial because cooperation with influencers can take on broader and more beneficial interests for all parties and may lead them into direct partnership relationships.

Examples of collaboration potential between companies, influencers and i00:

  • The company intends to launch a new type of ice cream this summer. The company can agree with an influencer to consume different ice cream products every week and talk about his experience, in exchange for a percentage of sales with the influencer.
  • The client wants to spread awareness of her brand as one of the most important experts in her field. The client can agree with one of our YouTube influencers to write a full episode about the client’s story, her company, and her field of work.
  • The client wants the influencer to wear a T-shirt with the company’s logo on it for an entire week in everything he photographs. In exchange for a percentage on sales for a month, for example.

There are millions of other stories. Finally, we would like to stress two basic types of influencer marketing in digital marketing that may take your business global in a short time:

  • Marketing directly through celebrities and stars. We are talking about international stars ready to collaborate. Movie and music stars with tens of millions of global and loyal followers.
  • The influencer uses her name to support her online store. This has become a common goal for most founders of online and offline stores, that is, the influencer opens the first store in his name and invites his followers to buy his products, then he opens a second store, and so on… These influencers understand well the importance of their influence on their audience, and they are also professionals in providing the best content for their followers to get their numbers to increase.

For us at i00, we have seen all, dealt with, and learned from it or from them. All we have tried to say in this booklet is that we deeply love our work and enjoy doing it anywhere, and what motivates us most to work is the happiness of our clients and their success in achieving their marketing goals.

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